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The Pet Corrector emits a blast of compressed air, ideal for interrupting undesirable behaviors. Many animals use a 'hiss' sound to ward off predators and the Pet Corrector mimics this sound creating a natural deterrent. Ensure that you reward your dog immediately once the behavior has ceased. You control the blast so you know the timing of your corrections will always be right. A free training guide is included with helpful tips and key do's and don'ts. It is important that the Pet Corrector is used cautiously and responsibly, so as not to traumatize or frighten your dog.

Typical uses include:

  • Unwanted barking
  • Jumping up
  • Stealing food
  • Place avoidance
  • Aggression

Directions clickme


  • Test the animal's sensitivity: operate at greater than one metre distance
  • Direct the spray away from your pet's face (not directly towards it)
  • Only use the Pet Corrector to interrupt a serious misdemeaner
  • Timing of application is crucial, it should only be used whilst the misbehavior is occuring, reward immediately when the misbehavior has ceased
  • Use short bursts of the Pet Corrector because the canister will chill with prolonged use
  • Work on correcting one behavior at a time
  • Dispose of the aerosol responsibly when it is empty and do not incinerate, burn or puncture


  • Use the Pet Corrector without first reading the instructions, Pet Corrector is unsuitable for use by children
  • Never point directly towards your face or that of the pet

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